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Cosplayer's Name: Steel Velvet Cosplay
Age : 18
Gender : F
Started cosplaying since : 2010
Fave fictional character : Commander Shepard (Mass Effect)
Hometown : France, Lyon

A Little About Me

To begin, thanks you all who vote for me in Otaku House, to follow me, or just see my work. Cosplay is simply to give a life to a virtual character. Without you, it doesn't exist.

For me, cosplay is a passion who allow to learn a lot of manual things helpful in daily life like sewing or do it yourself. It help to fight against shyness, because I'm really shy ! Cosplay is the most faithful adaptation as possible of a virtual character, mainly in the costume, but roleplay is important too, I think.

I prefer made few costumes, but with big challenge like Lightning and the most faithfull as possible. My next cosplay is a duo of Commander Shepard (Mass Effect) with my best friend. Now, it's armor, armor, and only armor ! Voting for me is the best opportunity you have to show that you like what I do and that my hours of work in different costumes worth it :D

If you have questions about, me, my cosplays or others things, sent MP in my facebook page ! ;)

Cosplay 1

Character: Lightning Farron
Series name : Final Fantasy XIII-2

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Description : It's my first armor, I completely felt in love when I saw her, it was a really big challenge to made this costume, because I don't make a lot of cosplay, I prefer to make one cosplay, but the most perfect as I can do. This costume was made in one year and six month ! I prefer armors because there is less sewing than in other cosplays.

Photo Credits : N8e Cosplay Photography

Cosplay 2


Character: Lightning Farron
Series name : Final Fantasy XIII-2

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Description : This picture is one's of my best picture of Lightning because it's the first shooting of this cosplay. I was stressed because I didn't want to broke one year and six month and more 400€ of work in one day ! When the photographer wanted me for the shooting and said : "I want you in photo because you are awesome" I was really happy, my work was appreciated, and it's the best thanks for my hard and long work.

Photo Credits : Wenbin Photo

Cosplay 3

Character: Genesis Rhapsodos
Series name : Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core

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Description : This is a Genesis cosplay from a fanart found on internet. Genesis is normally a man, but the fanart changed him in sexy girl. It inspired me to wear this costume like a girl (because I wore it like a man for the first convention with it) It's my first cosplay, my grand-mother helps me to sew it because it's hard for me.

Photo credits : Minh Luan cosplay

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