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Cosplayer: Kenneth Ting
Age: 31
Gender: Male
Started cosplaying since: 2011 March
Fave fictional character: As a child, it was probably Hot Rod from Transformers The Movie (the animated one from back in the 80s). As a teenager, Spawn by Todd McFarlane. Today.. I'd be hard pressed to pick a single character as favourite..
Hometown: Singapore

A Little About Me

Hi! I'm still relatively new in cosplay having been in the scene for only just over a year (since 2011 March).

I wish i had more pictures to share but a lot of the good pictures of some of the characters i have cosplayed (Marshall Law from Tekken, Smoker from One Piece and Abe no Seimei from Nurarihyon) aren't solo pictures. I did do a photoshoot for all my cosplay just 2 weeks ago and hopefully u can drop by my fb page in the near future to check them out.

Meanwhile, I hope I didn't disappoint anyone with my portrayal of Motochika (Sengoku Basara), Sagitarrious Aiolos (Saint Seiya), Lee Sin (League of Legends) and Zabuza (Naruto).

I have also did Boa Hancock.. well.. sort of. Feel free to visit my cosplay album.

The support I've gotten from last year and this year's Otaku House Cosplay Idol is amazing and I am really glad that people from all over the world appreciate my effort in cosplaying these characters!

Everybody in the finals are winners because to me, the biggest prize for cosplayers is recognition for their efforts.. even better when it's international. the support and encouragement is golden. Thank you everybody for voting and keep the votes coming in!

Cosplay 1

Character: Sagittarious Aiolos
Series: Saint Seiya

Cosplay 1 [?]This is the total number of people that voted for Cosplay 1. Click Google +1 or Facebook Like to vote for this photo.

Description: My most recent cosplay and also my first attempt at an armored costume took me just about 2 weeks (many sleepless nights) to complete. I still plan to finish up the wings for the costume, hopefully by the end of the year. The one challenge i didnt particularly enjoy about the process of making the costume.. was the sleep i had to sacrifice to complete it on schedule. In the end, i'd like to think it was a fairly good result. The costume was mainly made out of 4mm eva foam and gold chrome colored vinyl fabric. I used a hair band for the head piece, and some wiring for the bow and arrow.

Photo credits: Pix Story

Cosplay 2

Character: Lee Sin
Series: League of Legends

Cosplay 2 [?]This is the total number of people that voted for Cosplay 2. Click Google +1 or Facebook Like to vote for this photo.

Description: Lee Sin the blind monk took me just about 2 or 3 days to work on the bald cap, the buckle, and rings cutting the red straps. Buckle was made out of mounting board and foam. Rings were styrofoam rings I covered with white glue before painting it with gold paint. The most tedious part is probably the tattoos on my body. Cosplaying lee sin each time would set me back about 2hrs+ (with my girlfriend drawing tattoos on my back while i tattoo my front)... not to mention a little bit of dieting over the week and extra gym time. Planning to 'upgrade' the blindfold by adding the gem as seen on the cover art (but not seen on the in-game sprite). And yes, I can see through the blindfold. :)

Cosplay 3

Character: Zabuza Momochi
Series: Naruto

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Description: My first cosplay i did last year (yes, i've only been cosplaying a little over a year). Some of you might remember my participation in last year's Otaku House Cosplay Idol where i made the finals with Zabuza as my qualifying picture (different picture from this one). After a lot of digging for a photo, i decided to submit Zabuza again despite having other characters i've cosplayed (Marshall Law from Tekken, Smoker from One Piece and Nue/Abe no Seimei from Nurarihyon) over the year... due to the lack of a good solo picture (i actually kindda like my Nue and Marshal Law pictures, but non of them were solo pictures.. sad). I've since made the broken sword version for Zabuza and will also hopefully complete another version of Zabuza very soon.

Photo credits: Bernard Wee

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