Cosplay Idol Rules

Cosplay Idol Grand Prizes

The following prizes will be presented to winners of the final round from each category:

Cosplay Idol Winner:
USD$500 worth of cosplay, gifts and novelties hamper (for each category) and the title of Cosplay Idol 2013.

1st runner up :
USD$300 worth of cosplay, gifts and novelties hamper (for each category)

2nd runner up :
USD$200 worth of cosplay, gifts and novelties hamper (for each category)

Cosplay Idol Rules

The contest is open to 4 geographical locations : North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Latin America*.

*Please see below for special rule for Latin America category

Application Rules

1. You must be at least 13 years old and the cosplay picture submitted must be a picture of yourself.

So if you post a picture of someone else and you can’t back up your claim on the photo after getting snitched on, you will be disqualified and possibly subjected to public humiliation for being a fraud. And no, we will not be sympathetic since you wasted everyone’s time. To authenticate your photo, please tag yourself in the picture with your own facebook account after it is uploaded to our facebook album. Untagged photos will be disqualified.

2. This is a solo competition, so the picture should feature YOU as the ONLY human being in it.

3 Only upload 1 (ONE) picture per contestant. (A collage of your costume in different angles is fine). We have the full discretion to completely disqualify all your entries if you upload more than 1 photo under multiple accounts.

4. If your cosplay photo do not show your face, (armour head gear etc.), please send us a separate photo/video of you unmasked while in the costume to cosplayidol[@] to prove that it’s you, and not a goat in the costume.

5. Your photo should show at least half your body so that voters can see your costume.
We’re not printing passports here, so if you send us only your head shot, your photo may be rejected.

6. Descriptions of your costume in “Comments” have to be within 100 words and in ENGLISH only. If your description is above 100 words, you may or may not be disqualified depending on our editor’s mood. Please do a word count before submitting.

7. Check through your details and decide on your photo before sending to us. Changes will not be accepted after photo is published.

8. No obscene / nude (read: exposure of private parts) / offensive photos.

9. Cosplay Info during uploading have to follow the following format.

Do not include our instructions in the brackets( ) in your submissions.

Cosplayer: (Your name or cosplay nickname)
Character: (Character name)
Series: (Series name)
Country and state: (Based on your citizenship. Include the state you are from)

Comments: (description of your photo in ENGLISH only. Less than 100 words)

Photographer: (Not compulsory, but you’re advised to credit where it’s due)

The following is an example of a correct submission:

Cosplayer: Johnny Depp
Character: Jack Sparrow
Series: Pirates of the Carribbean
Country and state: USA, Kentucky

Comments: I rock.

Photographer: Geoffrey Rush

10. Submit to the relevant category based on your citizenship. To avoid controversy, we may request a copy of your passport or other form of identification to ensure that you are in the correct category. Submissions in the wrong category will be removed / disqualified at our discretion.

11. As we have cosplayers from all over the world gathered here, we have chosen ENGLISH to be the main communication language with everybody. So please send in your applications in English only. And also, kindly communicate and comment with other cosplayers in English while in our contest so that friends from other countries may join in the discussions!

Seek your understanding that comments posted in languages that the moderators do not understand will be deleted to prevent possibility of hate messages being posted

12. Vote buying is not allowed; whether in cash or in kind.

13. Finally… BE NICE!!

We’re all civilized human beings here. Give only constructive comments if you have to be critical. Negative, trolling and hate messages will be deleted.

If you would like to report a comment to be deleted for breaking this rule, send the exact link and poster’s name to cosplayidol[@]

Yes, that’s all! Easy pea-sy!

Voting Rules

1. Voters may vote by clicking ‘Like’ or ‘Google+1’ on top of the photo. The counter on the left shows the total number of votes. Only 1 vote is recognized for each IP addresses, so don’t bother opening multiple accounts to bump up votes!


Entries submitted to the Otaku House Cosplay Idol Contest is split into 4 categories by geographical location.

North America (USA and Canada)
Europe (Western, Central and Eastern Europe including Turkey & Russia)
Asia-Pacific (Asia, Middle East, Pacific and Oceania countries)
Latin America (All Latin American countries, including Puerto Rico, Mexico and Caribbean countries)*

Special rule for Latin America category
As there were significantly less contestants in the Latin America category compared to the other categories in the past years’ Otaku House Cosplay Idol contest, we will be opening up the Finals for this category only if there is a minimum of 600 Latin American contestants this year. If there are not enough contestants, there will not be a Latin America Finals, and no Latin American Cosplay Idol for 2013.

So tell all your friends about this contest and let’s not make this category obsolete!


The competition starts in May 2013 and the Qualifying Round ends in September. Finals will commence in October/November. Actual dates to be announced.

To be fair to late comers in the contest, each category will have 1 week to garner remaining votes after the qualifiers end. We will not be accepting new entries during this one week.

We will then choose the best 5 entries from each album to take part in the Cosplay Idol Finals, so rally your army for the voting battle!

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