Otaku House Cosplay Idol: Contest 2013 is finally here!

1. UPLOAD your SOLO cosplay photo
Each cosplayer may only submit 1 photo. Click ‘Login’ at the top using your Facebook (or create a new account using your email). Click ‘Submit Cosplay’ and upload 1 JPEG picture of yourself. Fill in all fields accordingly. Under ‘Cosplay Info’, provide your information in the following format :

Cosplayer: (name/nick of cosplayer)
Character Name: Name of character
Series Name: Series name
Country and state: Based on your citizenship
Comments: (comments of your cosplay in ENGLISH)
Photographer : (credit where it’s due)

  2. Photos will be Approved
After your photo is uploaded, it will pend for approval. Photos will be published within approx. 24 hours. You will receive an email notification once your photo is approved. (Read rules here)
  3. The world votes.
The rules are simple, and the world is your muse. Interact with the numerous comments and see how popular your photo!
*Note that voting is done on Otaku House, not on Facebook.

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