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Cosplayer: Shannon a.k.a Aslinn Moonbreeze
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Started cosplaying since: April 2011
Fave fictional character: Alucard from Hellsing (Ultimate/manga)
Hometown: Brisbane, Australia

A Little About Me

Hi everyone! Thank you so much for you support getting me this far, I never thought I would receive so many votes. I am a little overwhelmed actually.

I hope you enjoy my Lulu cosplay and want to vote for it more! It was the first cosplay I actually made, but it has been redone and improved over many months (though collectively I have probably only spend 4 or so weeks on it).

Even since the photo I entered into the competition I redid some parts of it. It is definitely my best cosplay, but I hope to do better things in the future.

Again, thank you all!

Cosplay 1

Character: Seras Victoria
Series: Helling Ultimate

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Description: Seras was the costume I wore the first time I cosplayed. I originally bought the costume since, when I decided to go to my first convention, I didn’t really know how to sew, I didn’t have a sewing machine and I decided to go two weeks before…So I wouldn’t have had time anyway. But since then I have modified the outfit to try and make it as accurate as possible. I have a soft spot in my heart for this cosplay, because I love Seras and the costume was my first experience with cosplaying. I made so many friends when I originally went all by myself, and was really surprised when I was asked for photos. It was a wonderful experience and opened the door to cosplay; and I am never closing that door. I again feel like my personality has similarities to her; she is a bit shy, kind and caring…But make her made and she will rip you apart!

Unfortunately when I had this picture taken, the gloves I was planning to alter to use for the costume did not arrive in time.

Photo credits : Rachel Lewis

Cosplay 2

Character: Lulu
Series: Final Fantasy X

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Description: Here is another picture of my Lulu cosplay; you can see more of it in this photo then the other. This was taken slightly earlier in the day, so the lighting a lot different. I still really like this photo. I feel like the quote of Lulu’s, “A day with you never dull!” applies to this picture. I feel like it is a moment of rest, say if the group where have a break, but still needing to look out at the horizon to watch to for danger. I feel like that is the moment captured. The second Lulu photo just has epic lighting; it looks like I actually just cast Thundara!

I love Lulu so much as well; she was sort of my hero when I was younger. She was the most sensible of the group, even though she seemed cold; she actually cared very much about everyone. I admire her strength and resolve. I feel like as I have gotten older, part of my personality is a bit like hers. I also loved her character design, and the fact she was a magic user. It is also a coincidence that we happen to be the same age (22)!

Photo credits : Rachel Lewis

Cosplay 3

Character: Ninetails Gijinka
Series: Pokemon

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Description: This is one of my most involved cosplays to date. I recently did it at Supanova Brisbane 2012 as part of a Pokemon cosplay group where we tried to get all the generation 1 Pokemon. Unfortunately a lot of people pulled out, but I always wanted to do this cosplay anyway. It is a design I came up with myself and am proud with how it looked; though plan to do some more work on it. I chose to show the front view, so you cannot see all the tails. The back of the kimono also has flames in the red material on the bottom.
Photographer: Indefinite Photography https://www.facebook.com/Indefinitephotography

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