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Cosplayer: Riyi Tsukiyomi
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Started cosplaying since: 2007
Fave fictional character: I have lots of fave characters, Chii from Chobits, Lucy From Elfen Lied, Kamina and Viral from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, Genesis and Kadaj from Final Fantasy, Karuda from Inu X Boku SS, the characters from my cosplays…
Hometown: México, Chihuahua

A Little About Me

Born in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua in 1992. In 2012 he moved to live in the city of Monterrey, where he currently resides. Until today undergone training to integrate different disciplines, covers in the way of music, visual arts and audiovisual, aeronautics, physics, astrophysics, metaphysics, metamathematics and calculation, cosplay and sports practices, undergraduate student in visual arts at the University of Nuevo León.

Creative versatile specialist in Gothic art, surreal, impressionist and oriental art and manga, has created different theories of astrophysics explained with visual art. He has had two exhibitions in Ciudad Juarez with his art mixed. He developed plastic work with philosophical themes, developed the musical performance with cosplay. It was a violinist in the Youth Chamber Orchestra of Ciudad Juarez as first, winner of various art competitions, and scientists, also in the field of cosplay.

“I love cosplay, and I really appreciate it if you vote for me. I hope you will enjoy my work as a cosplayer, I'm still learning a lot of things in order to move forward... Someday I’ll give a performance with cosplay and my violin for you... Greetings and have a great day!!”

Cosplay 1

Character: Byakuran
Series: Katekyo Hitman Reborn

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Description: I am boss of the Millefiore family and here and all parallels worlds I will be the leader of all… My smile is so angelic and kind. The reason I choose this character is his personality, a villain who smiles at all, as subtly tell you that you will die...

Photo credits: Viornery Photgraphy (Victor Viornery)

Cosplay 2

Character: Xerxes Break
Series: Pandora Hearts

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Description: When I look myself at a mirror I see the reflection of what I don’t have, I’m a mad man because I choose so, me protecting the Rainsworth household is because I ‘m a Pandora’s member I protect it with my madness, is not just a joke that I’m the Mad Hatter my past, a tragedy; my present, a battle; my future is yet to be reflected…

Emily: Vote for me and you’ll get a bunch of candies hihihihi!

Photo credits: DreamStation (Marira)


Character: Ikuto Tsukiyomi
Series: Shugo Chara!

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Description: I feel identified with this character in a way his attitude, his conflict of not knowing who he is and wanting to be free like a cat, besides like him I play the violin… C’mon wont you vote for this cat-boy 0w0 ?

Photo credits: Viornery Photgraphy (Victor Viornery)

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