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Cosplayer's Name: MMMC Ike
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Started cosplaying since: 2007
Fave fictional character: Wiccan (MARVEL)
Hometown: The Netherlands.

A Little About Me

Passion, resolve and the everlasting support of my friends at MMMC brought me here today. I find Cosplay to be as much of a social happening as it is a 'fierce battle of craftsmanship.' The internationalization of cosplay provides a new source of motivation, but calls for constant guarding from the instant like factor facebook provides. Stay pure, do what you like and enjoy this hobby for its essence. I, for one, am honored to be chosen, and to be featured among these great cosplayers. Now bugger off and Spread the joy that is cosplay! live long and prosper.

Cosplay 1

Character: Brother Petros
Series Name: Trinity blood

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Description: Worn at MCM Expo, London - 2nd place eurocosplay championships 2011. Trinity blood always fascinated me, once i started thinking about cosplaying one of the characters my choice quickly came down to two options: both inquisitors less often portrayed. Once i won the preliminaries as brother Matthaios, i quickly turned it into brother Petros by making additional armor parts. In the series he's more menacing then i will ever be, but i had great time wearing this costume and met lots of awesome people during this period. Maintaining mobility in the arms was one of the challenges. getting all the parts together, working with the fabrics, perfecting the paintjob was my main focus. In the process i also learned about the importance of stage appearance and make-up.

Photo credits: SAKS photography

Cosplay 2


Character: Gene Mesh
Series Name: Scissors crown

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Description: Worn at Animecon 2013 The Hague - preliminaries CICAF 2014 team Benelux. Me and a friend teamed up to do a scissors crown duo: Claus Haine & Gene Mesh. So little was known about this series that we had to find someone who could read japanese in order to learn the name of the character i was cosplaying! Many many hours of work went into making both costumes. Main challenge of this costume was how to work with real leather, more intricate velvet parts and making the sawtooth scissors functional. I spend lots of time on rehearsing the act & making stage props then ever before.

Photo credits: Jeroen Wolf

Cosplay 3

Character: Hong Gil-Dong
Series Name: Utopia's Avenger

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Description: Worn at Animagic 2009, Bonn & revived at Abunai 2012, Eindhoven. The costume was only worn casually. The first version had a jacket that was already way too tight and armor parts kept falling off. I never liked wearing wigs, so i styled my own hair accordingly. Once i went past my Petros phase i discovered new ways to make props, and went on to experiment on a sword for gil-dong, only to find out the costume didn't fit me anymore. So a whole new top part was made, and with it came the wig. I learned that lesser known characters receive less appreciation, but that doesnt stop me from cosplaying what i like!

Photo credits: MMMC Mirai

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