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Cosplayer's Name: : Silvia – Sigrid Sillaots / Si3
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Started cosplaying since: 2011
Fave fictional character: Raiden (from Metal Gear) <3
Hometown: Estonia, Tartu

A Little About Me


I’m Silvia, currently studying textile design, always drawing or crafting and a hardcore gamer. Trial-n-error all the way~

You can find me and more of my works at deviantart->

A big, big THANKS for your support so far and really….

Absolutely. Every. Vote. Counts.
So, if You like what ya see, don’t forget to hit dat LIKE button~ ;)

Cosplay 1

Character: Plauge Doctor /Malfatto
Series: Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood

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Description: My very first cosplay. ☺

The mask is made of plaster, gesso, matte varnish, dark green sunglasses, 2 metal rings.

The clothing part was quite simple to make. If… Not considering the wasted hours of figuring out how to make that belt work… The belt is made of camping mat, covered with brown vinyl, the buckles cut out of plastic. The long coat is made of polyester- weathered with acrylics, added wooden buttons and glass beads. The gloves are made from scratch, of lycra and vinyl. The armbands are made of cotton, painted the details with acrylics. Sewed the balaclava of lycra, the hat and the shoulder thing is made of the same brown vinyl and coloured black with acrylics... c:

The syringe is made of foam, metal rings and epoxy, coloured with silver+black acrylic.

Cosplay 2

Character: Haven Trooper/ FROG
Series: Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns Of The Patriots

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Description: Haven Trooper was seen at AniMatsuri 2012, also at MCM London expo 2012 October and EuroCosplay 2012~

You have no idea how hard I tried to get enough points in Metal Gear Online just to buy the frogger skin for the sake of cosplay reference. :D The helmet is made out of cardboard, newspapers, paper clay and white glue, coloured with acrylics+varnish and first time messing with LEDs.

For all the body suit/ holster patterns, covered the mannequin with newspapers and drew on the pattern. Had to sew the body part twice... Used dark brown vinyl, light brown/black/grey lycra, beige cotton. The “padded armour” dark brown parts have a layer of camping mat underneath.

The P90 gun is made of cardboard, filler, white glue and endless sanding, coloured with black car spray+varnish. The bullets inside the magazine are made of drinking straws, clay and gold acrylic.

Photo credits: Ruudu Rahumaru

Cosplay 3

Character: Mistral Series: Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

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Description: Mistral is my latest cosplay, made for EuroCosplay 2013, worn at AniMatsuri 2013 and at MCM London expo 2013 October.

The props are made out of camping mat and heat formed clear plastic sheets.

There is a plastic „pipe system“ inside the „backpack“ (don’t really know what to call it). The whole hand connection construction thing is made with pipes, bottles and bottle caps- the caps are glued inside each pipe opening and the bottles are inside the upper arms, so~ all the arms are removable.

The arms are made the papier mache way- of newspapers and white glue (on my previously made plaster arm cast), plastic teacups, coloured with black car spray and covered with a „fishnet“ type of fabric. The hands were all made one by one of my own hands, covered with gardening gloves and more white glue+acrylic+varnish.

…Also the elbow joint moves, so whenever I walk or bend over, the hands move.
The "catsuit“ part is made out of stretchy lycra (silver parts), cotton (grey), black and dark red are jacket „heat holding“ materials. The little red rings are coloured washers.

Overall this cosplay was completed within ~2 months, BUT. For one month, I worked on it every day and night. Oh, all these sleepless nights… ._.

Now… Who wants a hug? :D

Photo credits: Ingmar Eriste

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