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Cosplayer's Name: : Veve
Age: 16
Gender: female
Started cosplaying since: 2011
Fave fictional character: Himura Kenshin
Hometown: Slovakia

A Little About Me

Since I started to cosplay, I cant imagine life without it .I love the moment Im making it and also the moment when Im walking in it and play as that character. As you can see I dont have so much cosplays because Im making mostly big cosplays with a lot of construction or so . They aren't really cheap and because Im still a high school student I do as much cosplays as I can do. Even thought I have a lot of hobbies from music, art and so , cosplay is my biggest passion and I plan to continue in it and still get better and better.I hope you guys like my work and keep support me . I really love you guys and thank you that I was able to get to Finals thanks to you .

Also I want to thank to my parents wo always support me with every cosplay or when I have trouble with moving or so on conventions, they are helping me . Thank you ~

Cosplay 1

Character: Enira
Series Name : Lineage II

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Description :As with Death, I fell in love with this character for the first sight. I felt the pretentiousness from it and that dark side. I really liked to cosplay this character. I was sewing dress and corset but also I did some constructions like the head , armor , wings or that corpse on the dress. I really had fun making it .

Photo credits : Ivan Mocko Photography

Cosplay 2

Character: Asagi
Series Name : D

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Description: This is my latest cosplay. I wanted to cosplay him for sooo loong time and I finally get to cosplay him :) I really liked it coz I adore Asagi, im in some things same as him and I love his outfits and so. And he´s the only jrocker that has similiar nose as me ! :D. everything is handmade by me. It took me few months to make it :) I also used a lot of new fabrics and had a little problems with it but I solved it and made it how it is on photo :)

Photo credits : Ingrid A. J. original photography

Cosplay 3

Character: Death
Series Name : Darksiders 2

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Description : When I firstly saw this character , I fell in love with him. Soo I started to play the game and I fell for him even more. I really loved his personality and sense of humour in the game. And the armor was really amazing, soo I choosed him . This cosplay is all hand made , from the scratch :) It was the most difficult cosplay I ever made, because I used a lot of new techniques and materials.I didnt use anything like Worbla or Wonderflex because it is hard to get soo i had to find similiar materials. I even had Dust (crow) to show me the way:D I think I like it the most :) I was making it less than half of year.:)...btw .. the hammer is not made of stone :DD

Photo credits Ingrid A.J. original photogaphy

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