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Cosplayer's Name: Emma - Lord of Dinosaurs
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Started cosplaying since: 2010
Fave fictional character: Randall Boggs
Hometown: Kaysville, UT

A Little About Me

I am beyond surprised to have made it to the finals and want to thank all the voters who helped me get there! Cosplaying may just be a hobby, but I am passionate about it and strive to guide others and be a person worthy of the votes, not just a cosplayer.

Thank you all for this opportunity!

Cosplay 1

Character: Portrait Doll??
Series: Ib

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Description: While never officially named (the name is something I've concocted), this character quickly became my favorite in the short and increasingly popular RPG game. If you've played it, you know exactly who he is, I don't think anyone fully gets over the stress of the Doll room and frantically searching for the key while this terror crawls through the portrait after you. I had to paint myself almost entirely blue for this.

Photo Credits: Sara Barentine

Cosplay 2

Character: Prince Komali
Series: Legend of Zelda (Wind Waker)

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Description: Komali was a challenge, he's a bird-footed prince of the Rito tribe and you either know exactly who he is or have no idea! I've loved his design for years and by an outside motivation I was able to complete him surprisingly quickly for the issues he presents (mainly the bird-like feet).

Fun to wear, but I almost need a good foot massage by the end of the day.

Photo Credits: Honesty Larkin

Cosplay 3

Character: Pyramid Head
Series: Silent Hill (2)

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Description: If it weren't for this monster, I may not be a cosplayer! Pyramid Head was my first ever cosplay and although the original is retired and the current rendition has improve immensely, I have this cosplay to thank for helping me get myself out there and find confidence through cosplay!

Silent Hill 2 is the current version and, while he still has a long way to go, I strive to be as accurate as possible as I improve him constantly!

Photo Credits: Toshi Yamioka

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