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Cosplayer's Name: Brittany (key0fdestiny13)
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Cosplaying Since: 2006
Favorite fictional character: Sasuke Uchiha
Hometown: New York, USA

A Little About Me

Hi Everyone! I'm super excited and honored to be here in the finals! I would like to thank everyone who voted for me! I work really hard on all my cosplays and it means a lot that people liked my Kakashi enough to vote me into the finals. Being voted into the finals in this cosplay is extra amazing to me because I entered it in memory of my dog Trixie, my Pakkun in the photo with me. She passed away a year ago right after hurricane Sandy and I still miss her so much. I'm so glad people love this photo as much as I do! If you want to see more of my cosplays head on over to my page at

Once again, thank you to everyone who voted!!!

Cosplay 1

Character: Sasuke Uchiha (Curse Seal Level 2)
Series: Naruto

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Description: When I first started watching Naruto I immediately fell in love with Sasuke's character, and when I saw his final curse seal form I just knew I had to cosplay it! This costume was a couple of firsts for me: My first cosplay with wings, my first cosplay involving body paint, and my first cosplay that I sewed 2 wigs together to make sure I had enough hair for the spikes! The wings were constructed by pvc pipe, and some wire. I used a 4-way stretch spandex fabric for them and stuffed them with stuffing to get the shape. The claws on the wings are made of model magic clay. There are over 80 little individual fingers that I hand sewed onto the wings. They are attached to a harness on my back, and weigh about 20 pounds. For the body paint I used Pax (a mix of pros aide adhesive and acrylic paint) which was hand mixed to match the color of the wings. The painting takes several hours, and takes just as long to get off. The claws were fake nails that I bought at CVS and I shaped them and painted them. I modified patterns for the shirt and shorts, and they are made out of a cotton blend, and the uchiha symbol (on the back of the shirt) is made out of fleece.

Photographer: Ger Tysk

Cosplay 2

Character: Zidane Tribal
Series: Final Fantasy IX

Cosplay 2 [?]This is the total number of people that voted for Cosplay 2. Click Google +1 or Facebook Like to vote for this photo.

Description: Final Fantasy IX is one of my favorite video games of all time and my favorite Final Fantasy, so I always have a blast when I wear this cosplay! Zidane's vest is a hand drafted pattern, and made out of a poly cotton blend. The outer edge is a bias tape piping. The cravat is a bunch of different lace fabrics that I sewed together to make it layered. It took me 3 tried to get the harness right because of how perfectly it fits on the vest. I used a moleskin fabric with the texture and look of leather. The undershirt is made from a cotton. My gloves were painted to be the correct color, and the cuffs have interfacing on the inside to keep the shape. My favorite part of this cosplay is the tail, which is made from faux fur, wire, and stuffing. It's attached to elastic on the inside of the pants. The pants were also a hand drafted pattern and just a poly cotton blend. The belt is a pleather, with more bias tape piping on the edge. My boots were originally brown, so I painted them and added the top fabric parts. The dagger sheath is also a pleather, and the dagger inside the sheath was made by Ger Tysk. My mage mashers were my first sword prop that I had made, which was done with a lot of instruction by Ger. First I traced out the shape of the swords on plywood and cut them out on the jigsaw and then added a smaller cut of the design on top. Next I used wood filler to fill the gap between the 2 layers of wood. Once dry I sanded the swords down to get a nice smooth surface. Next came the painting. The white designs on the swords are made from hot glue and painted with enamel paint. The rest of the swords were painted with acrylics. The guards on the swords are made from wonderflex and the ends of the swords are sculpey. Last I drilled a hole in the sculpey at the bottom and added the beads and leather strips.

Photo Credits: Ger Tysk

Cosplay 3

Character: Noel Kreiss
Series: Final Fantasy XIII-2

Cosplay 3 [?]This is the total number of people that voted for Cosplay 3. Click Google +1 or Facebook Like to vote for this photo.

Description: Noel is my most recently made cosplay and by far the most detailed and time consuming construction to date! This cosplay was my first experience with hand embroidery. The bottom of the pants took me over 150 hours to embroider! The larger purple and gold shapes are made out of velvet. I drafted my own pattern for the pants, which are made out of a micro suede. The brown belt took quite a while to make, I cut a bunch of thin strips to make the "X" shapes on it. The ring on the hanging part of the belt was a plastic bracelet that I spay painted. The orange belt just an orange strap that I added eyelets to. The pink scarves and blue scarf were hand dyed to get the correct color and gradient effect. The bag on the back of my waist was my own pattern, and made from some cotton blends and bias tape for the detailing. Noel's shirt is a thick 4 way stretch spandex. The stripes on the front of the shirt are made from bias tape, and the flowers are velvet. The green leaves on the shirt flowers are painted on. My arm guard is made of craft foam, leather, and heat and bond. I bonded the leather to the heat and bond and shaped the foam while it was hot. Then I sewed bias tape on the edge and glued the "X"s onto the leather. The string on my right hand has some charms on it (unable to be seen in the photo) which are of clocks, which I found were a great little detail for this costume because the game revolves around time travel. My harness was also a hand drafted pattern which also took quite a while to make, because I wanted to make sure the curves of the straps were perfect, and that the harness was attached in the proper places. I made the harness out of the same leather as the arm guard. On the back of my shirt there are wings and 'Etro Script' painted on my back by my friend while I wore the shirt, since it is a stretch fabric. There are some shots of the back of the shirt on my cosplay page! My boots were bought as is. Swords were made by Ger Tysk.

Photo Credits: Ger Tysk

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