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Cosplayer's Name: Meevist
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Started cosplaying since: 2006
Fave fictional character: Komaeda Nagito from Super Dangan Ronpa 2
Hometown: USA, Washington DC

A Little About Me

When I entered my Roxas cosplay in this contest, I didn't expect to reach the finals at all, this entire experience has been so overwhelming and I'm so excited to have gotten this far! Cosplay is my lifelong passion, and has inspired me to pursue my dream of going to school to become a fashion designer. I'm so honored to be a finalist in this competition, and I'd love it if you'd cast a vote for me to show your support! <3

For more of my work check out

Cosplay 1

Character: Fai D. Flourite
Series Name: Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle

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Description: I've wanted to cosplay Fai ever since I read Tsubasa five years ago, so making and wearing this costume was a dream come true! Drafting the patterns for all three coats was an experience, each coat has a different silhouette that was challenging and exciting to figure out. The big cloak on top alone took 25 yards of fabric! The blue design is one large applique I hand dyed the correct color. The staff is made of all different kinds of plastics, including binder dividers for the large floating gem! This is my favorite cosplay I've ever done, and I hope you will all love it, too :)

Photo credits: Stella Bernstein (

Cosplay 2

Character: Mikuo Hatsune
Series Name: Vocaloid

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Description: Genderbends are always fun! I patterned and sewed everything - painting the dashboard designs on the arm warmers was quite a process! This photo shoot is one of my favorites, since Mikuo is a singer and we were allowed the use of an auditorium and stage for these photos! Really felt like a rock star, it was a great time :)

Photo credits: Stella Bernstein (

Cosplay 3

Byakuya Togami
Series Name: Dangan Ronpa

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Description: I wanted to challenge myself to pattern and sew a suit, and Togami is my favorite character in Dangan Ronpa, so it worked out into this cosplay! The suit jacket is completely lined, including the sleeves, and all seams are serged and finished. His various pins are sculpted out of plastic, including a lapel clip and prop pocket watch I kept in my jacket pocket! This wig was a lot of fun to style :)

Photo credits: Mel Shardae (

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