Cosplayer: Godess of Valhalla

Age: 27

Gender: Female

Started cosplaying since: 2003

Fave fictional character: Lightning Farron

Hometown: Munich – Germany

A Little About Me

Everybody starts from the beginning and starts with nothing – help me on my way to make my steps ;)

Lots of love goes to everybody who like my costumes and votes for me <3

Cosplay 1

Character: Yami no Yugi

Series: Yu-Gi-Oh!

Description: (made in early 2011) I always dreamed about making this costume. I worked together with my girlfriend on it and I couldn’t believe that it turned out this well!

The biggest problem was the wig. I made it by myself using 3 different wigs and some people at conventions asked me if it was my real hair, which really makes me smiling.

Wearing Yami is really inconvenient, but if you are the king of games, you can deal with this challenge, too!

Photo credits: KAIBA

Cosplay 2

Character: Claire “Lightning” Farron

Series: Final Fantasy – Dissidia Duodecim

Description: (made in 2012) After the great feedback for my first Lightning Cosplay I quickly decided to make the Dissidia ‘Aya Brea – alternate outfit’ version, too. Although it looks easy to make this, I had big troubles with making the shoes and the trousers. Of course I just cut out the parts of the jeans, but I had to use glue and threads to give it the real used-optic.

Photo credits: VW

Cosplay 3

Character: Claire Lightning“ Farron

Series: Final Fantasy XIII

Description: (made 2012) When I first played Final Fantasy XIII I quickly fell in love with this character and soon wanted to cosplay her. First I needed to convince myself, because I am not very thin, but in the end I was so happy for all the nice comments and that other cosplayer really liked it and said that it suits me very well!

I guess this is my favourite cosplay because of that reason, too. She really gave me some confidence.

This is the first cosplay I almost did without any help. Since I am not that good in sewing it really makes me proud that it turned out good at the end!

Photo credits: FLOCKE

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