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Cosplayer: Daniel Høgh
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Started cosplaying since: 2007
Fave fictional character: Judge Dredd (although rapidly changing)
Hometown: Ikast, Denmark

A Little About Me

Ladies and Gentlemen! Through years of dedication, blood, sweat and tears, I come to you now – as a humbled costume enthusiast.

I’ve learned much and I continue to better myself with each build thanks to you!

Otaku House Cosplay Idol created awareness around my work and gave me an opportunity to share my crazy hobby.

I wish to thank those who’ve helped me reach this stage of the contest, but I would also encourage those who like my work – to keep an eye out for my future appearances in the cosplay community!

With love, from Denmark
- Daniel

Cosplay 1

Character: Tyrael, the Arc-Angel of Justice
Series: Diablo 1-3

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Description: This was my second most challenging build to date. I saw fotage of this angelic being in a cutscene and was instantly in love with the design. Tyrael, is an angel fighting the forces of evil whilst trying to uphold justice on earth – aiding the player in his/her endeavour to complete the game. I found various pictures for reference, and began a journey that taught me many things! Without the aid and continued support of by beloved girlfriend I would never have completed this behemoth. As a result, her name ‘Justina’ has been worked into the armour etchings in more than one place. Foam plates, hot glue and 3 months of intense work. This suit and all thing related, only saw use at one expo – and sadly came apart due to extreme heat. Overall: A joyful but hardfought challenge.

Photo credits: Jannick Andersen

Cosplay 2

Character: Tancred – Tactical heavy weapon specialist
Series: Warhammer 40.000

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Description: How do you emulate a 7feet tall genetically enhanced super soldier in inches thick power armour?
Simple! You dissappear from the face of the earth for 6 months!

If only it was that simple. This character was a vast undertaking, with scores of details and almost impossible proportions. By all accounts, this suit is 99% true scale, reaching an approx. height of 230-245cm. Through months of cutting, gluing, trial and error, dosens upon dosens of paint cannisters and an iron will – I finally walked with hulking strides unto the battlefield! Armed with an arsenal of vast accurate accessories and featuring a colossal frame that hates most conventional doorways- and stairs.. this suit has ever since been known as my trademark.

Now this particular picture, features Tancred with a different and much bulkier weapon option, known as a Heavy Bolter - turning him into a long distance heavy weapons platform. The weapon itself has a belt magazine attached to the giant backpack add-on. Both weapon and backpack has scores of details such as shells, working lights and a clip-on system.

Photo credits: Simon Andersen

Cosplay 3

Character: Judge Dredd
Series: Dredd 3D, Judge Dredd, 200ad

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Description: Judge Dredd is all about gritty, hardcore lawgiving action. All of which I tried to work into the suit. From the battledamaged yet ornate golden eagles to the vast accessories of the utility belt – everything has a function and utmost care was taken to nail that screen accuracy. Getting the size ratios to fit perfectly however, weren’t as easy as I thought, since I’m not built like Karl Urban who plays Dredd. So I had to compromize a few places, artistic lisence and all. The gun features both ammo counter, laser and removable clip system. Everything save the helmet was built from foam. A quick, fun and quite challenging build! If there ever is a sequal to the 2012 Dredd movie, I’ll be ready.

Photo credits: Ulrich V. Blücher

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