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Cosplayer: Tatasenko Mana
Age: 27
Gender: Female
Started cosplaying since: 2010
Fave fictional character: Trunks Future (DBZ)
Hometown: France

A Little About Me

It's a great honor to be among the 45 Finalist.

Thank you so much to everyone who took the time to offer me their support.

Cosplaying is for me a second nature, it helped me to socialize myself and meet many wonderful friends. It enlightened my daily life.

Cosplay 1

Character: Link
Series : The Legend Of Zelda Twilight Princess

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Description : Link is my favorite hero video game ever. I really wanted more than anything else to succeed making this cosplay because I knew very well how popular and legendary this character was around the world.

After having drooled many hours and days in front of the amazing Pinkminlink's costume, I started having dreams where I was riding Epona accross the plains. From then on I needed to incarn Link to fulfill my weirdest but not so less wonderful fantasm ever.

This feeling of freedom was like a call of destiny, and the charismatic chara design of Link from Twilight Princess was the last drop to finish convincing me to undertake this exciting challenge. I would have never forgiven myself if i have failed this cosplay so I spent a lot of money to buy the most expensive quality I can find. The tunic and the hat are made in dark olive green velour because i wanted to add texture relief and solid color to make it look more medieval.

Only the white shirt was made in standart fabric. The belts are made with genuine leather and metal ring to help me loop and adjust them more easily around my body. It was heavy for a girl like me but I was very resilient. I had a hard time cutting every piece with a friend but it was worth it. The leather cases are made with imitation leather so i can put everything i wanted inside like my ocarina or rubis.

I made the veg tan bracers leather with a buckle system to prevent them from falling each time I wanted to use my sword or shield which are made in groundsheet and cardboard foams. About the elf ears the trousers and the boots i bought them in the commerce and customized them.

Photo credits : Garnet Angeldust

Cosplay 2

Character: Fye D.Flowright
Series : Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle (CLAMP)

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Description : Fye has been a very favorite since the first time i put my eyes on him. TRC is on my top list of most beloved manga. I have followed each scan each week for many years and I was so depressed when the series ended that when a good friend asked me to do a CLAMP group for Japan Expo i jumped on the occasion to bring back to life my ardently passion.

I opted for this knightly artwork version because i wanted a original costume and not the same basic white one that everybody wear.as you must know making a CLAMP costume is a hard task because of the numerous incredible details and i spent a lot of time working only on the gold patterns. I drew and cut them in gold fabric and then I sticked them on the blue long tunic that i have previously sewn with a orange lining, matching the three different capes was also difficult because with CLAMP you have to guess how everything is holding in place. The hat was simply made with groundsheet covered by blue fabric and attached in the wig with darts.

Photo credits : Wenbin He

Cosplay 3

Character: Marledia Gardia
Series : Chrono Trigger

Cosplay 3 [?]This is the total number of people that voted for Cosplay 3. Click Google +1 or Facebook Like to vote for this photo.

Description : Chrono Trigger is my favorite and absolute RPG ever. I have started playing it when i was a little girl, I have done it in new games + for more than a hundred times and even today i can't get enough of it,everything in this game is perfect and for me no other recent one can compete with it,it's an unsurpassable must. I really wanted to pay tribute to this nostaligic treasure by cosplaying the cutest combative princess ever,Marledia,because when i was a child i was totally filled with wonder by the romance between her and Crono,i cried of joy everytime i saw the ending when they kissed on the balloons toward the moon.

This cosplay wasn't very hard to do,the tunic and ample pants are sewn in cotton fabric,every bracelets are made with groundsheet covered by golden fabric and attached by elactics,the bag and the quiver are also done with groundsheet,drawing pins,and painting,the amulet is a plastic sphere surrounded by self-hardening pate and the bow was fabricated with a riffle plastic toy in which i added box and thread.

Photo credits : Shashin Kaihi Photography

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