Ebenezerrxerc Auxoft: Kamui Shirou from X Cosplay

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Cosplayer : Ebenezerrxerc Auxoft

Character Name : Kamui Shirou

Series Name: X

Comments: is a work of fiction of the artist group CLAMP debuted as a manga in 1992 in Asuka magazine. This is the final apocalyptic world will live we all know. The destination is in the hands of a boy of 15 years, Kamui Shirou name, who must decide whether to join one of the two sides. Some are trying to give a new opportunity for humanity, keeping everything as is, after the Promised Day in 1999. Others, however, claim that the world deserves a revolution and that humanity should not dominate the Earth. In recent yearn to reach the Final Battle, with which all will be devastated to start over.

Country o State: Ecuador- Guayaquil

Photographer: Ronald Rojas


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