HanaKi : : Ohsaki Nana from "Nana" Cosplay

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Cosplayer name: HanaKi (real name: Sonia Muñoz)

Character: Ohsaki Nana

Series: Nana

Comments: I always admired Nana for her strength towards life and situations while trying hard to go professional with her bandmates while keeping their original style. I dyed, cut my hair and pierced my ears to do this cosplay (wich is based on Nana’s manga first live while they were amateurs) It was really fun to listen to people recognizing me as Nana on and after the event. I also sang “Rose” on stage with my own Black Stones band too. Fun fact? Boots were really heavy on me because -just like Nana- they were men boots.

Salvadorian (from El Salvador, Central America)

Photographer: Heriberto Lipe -Takato-


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