Miguel Henriquez: Dark Paladin from YuGiOh series Cosplay

Top 5 per Group goes to next round.
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Cosplayer : Ginko Tokoyami

Character Name :  Dark Paladin

Series Name : YuGiOh 

Comments : This is my favorite cosplay, it was debuted on Sept 9th 2011. It was made my my wife and I and it was really difficult to create since we used plastic, paper and fabric. Due to this was the first armor I made…………….. it was heavy!!! But I liked it so much, moreover because my wife and son helped me with details and support! Thanks to my beloved wife cosplayer Miku Tokoyami and my dear son jandito, thanks to my friends!

Country : El Salvador, Latin America

 Photographer : Vicky Tokoyami


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