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Cosplayer: Alycen
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Started cosplaying: 2011
Favourite fictional character: Anarchy Panty
Hometown: United States, Texas

A Little About Me

I am fairly new to the cosplay "scene", and am thus very honored and excited to be featured as a finalist in this contest alongside so many amazing cosplayers. I'd like to thank everyone who voted for me and gave me this wonderful opportunity. I am currently earning my master's degree in Educational Psychology, and plan to continue creating new cosplay until I graduate from my program. After graduating, I hope to begin my career as an elementary school teacher, and thus will not have much time for cosplay creation! However, I hope to continue attending conventions and meeting wonderful new friends for many years to come. Thank you again, everyone!

Cosplay 1

Character: Yoko Littner
Series: Gurren Lagann

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Description: This was my third cosplay, and it was very fun to create. The rifle was my first ever cosplay prop, and was created entirely from scratch by me. The base of the rifle is a PVC pipe. The scope is made from shampoo bottles, which were attached to a smaller section of piping and then drilled into the base pipe. The tail-end of the rifle, as well as the clip, are sculpted from foamboard. The strap is removable and sizable.The swimsuit top is an altered black bikini.

I patterned and sewed on the red flames, and replaced the original strings on the bikini with character-accurate ones. The belt was originally a white leather belt. I hand-studded the belt and hand-applied a new belt buckle in order to make it accurate to the character's. The boots were altered by me for accuracy - they were cut down the side, and pieces of leather were added to create an "unzipped" effect. Zipper pulls were sculpted by hand and added onto the shoe, and finally the flames were hand-painted on using a figure of Yoko as reference. This cosplay is a lot of fun to wear, and very comfortable too.

Photo Credits: Effacent of KirakiraShimai Cosplay

Cosplay 2

Character: Anarchy Panty
Series: Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt

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Description: This was my fifth cosplay, and the most difficult to create. Panty's gun, Backlace, was made by me from wood and foam insulation board. I created a paper pattern for the gun using concept art from the show. The wood and foam base was then coated in clay. The clay was sanded down to create a smooth surface, and was then hand-painted. The "scope" is made from foam insulation. The skirt and the blouse are made from low sheen white satin. Both were patterned and sewn by me. The blouse features draping in order to capture the "greek goddess" influences of Panty's outfit. The skirt is pleated and features draping in the front. The two "tails" of the skirt's draping are stuffed with interfacing so that they keep their cartoon-like shape and movement.

The front of the skirt features gold rope, sewn across the draping. Beneath the skirt is a light-pink petticoat (3 layer). The pink hearts are made from Christmas ornaments. They were painted light pink, filled with clay to add weight, and were fixed onto the blouse and skirt using standard pin-backings. The gold jewelry, neck piece, choker, calf pieces, and shoe straps are all made from two-way stretch PVC vinyl with interfacing to keep them stiff. The neck piece features individually cut foam pieces to create an exaggerated feathered look. The gloves are made from stretch spandex and stretch PVC vinyl. The gold bracelets were patterned by me, and have interfacing inside in order to keep them stiff. They are attached to the white gloves in order to create a single piece.

The gold rings that hold the gloves in place were created by me from PVC vinyl. The wings were patterned and created by my sister (who cosplayed Stocking with me). They are made from foam, and feature three layers for depth. They are attached to a harness, which is taped to my back under my blouse. The shoes were altered for accuracy. Straps were added to be entirely accurate to the show. The wings are made from foam. The wig was cut and styled by me.

Cosplay 3

Character: Nami
Series: One Piece

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Description: This was my second cosplay. The shirt is white jersey, with blue striping sewn on. The skirt is an altered vintage skirt - the circles were patterned and sewn on by me. They have interfacing inside of them so that they will keep their shape as the skirt moves. The staff is wood, hand-painted. The wig was cut and styled for accuracy.

Photographer: Effacent of KirakiraShimai Cosplay

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