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Cosplayer: Expression
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Started cosplaying since: 2007
Fave fictional character: Ulquiorra Cifer
Hometown: Los Angeles, USA

A Little About Me

My name's Gabriel and I'm a part of an amazing cosplaying team called [.AsserT-ReVenge.]. All of our works are hand crafted and we try to make it as accurate as possible. I would like to thank all of you who support us fans and cosplayers alike who vote for me and have given me this chance to be a Finalist!!!

And remember, Keep Cosplaying!!!!

Cosplay 1

Character: Lunastra Armor
Series: Monster Hunter

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Description: One of the first cosplays made by my team and I. This cosplay was done and showcased in Thailand before I moved to America in 2007 which was my last year in highschool. This project was very tedious because we just started to experiment with armor and how to make it mobile and comfortable to be worn for long periods of time. Everything here was hand crafted from EVA foam. All details and small accessories were also made with EVA foam. Afterwards the core armor is wrapped in vinyl color according to the colors found in the game. The weapon is PVC pipe wrapped in EVA foam. The top portion is also sculpted from EVA foam and everything was wrapped in vinyl. Overall one of our proudest cosplays because it was one of the first experiments with armor and from how it came out we were completely satisfied not only on the detail but also mobility.

Cosplay 2

Character: Gabranth
Series: Final Fantasy XII

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Description: A more recent cosplay which features how my team and I turn cosplay imagination into reality. Every time we want to make an armor to present our skills we always try and go for cosplays that very few have done or many want to do. We want to bring those wishes to life, and that is what we did with Gabranth. This armor proved very very complicated due to how the helmet is shaped. It took us around a month just to get the helmet to our liking. Again everything is hand crafted and also made with the core material as EVA foam. The weapon comes apart from a double edge spear to two swords just like how it is in the game. Each end was crafted individually over a PVC pipe that was fitted to each other and then had EVA foam sculpted over it to give it shape.. The weapon gives me a lot of flexibility when it comes to poses. I favored Gabranth a lot at the beginning so much so that it was pretty worn down. This armor took around 2-3 months to fully complete. We are thinking of remaking this cosplay as it is very worn out but this time around we are thinking of also including the rest of the judges.

Cosplay 3

Character: Loke
Series: Fairy Tale

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Description: I included this because it has a very funny back story. One of my friends one day called me and asked what was i doing for Otakon 2012. I said I was going to cosplay No Heart. She asked if I was willing to do Loke from Fairy Tale. I was already reading the manga so I was interested. She said she would find the wig and the glasses for me so I agreed. There isn't much to tell about this cosplay since everything I was wearing came from my closet. The wig was styled by my friend and we did a photoshoot. I picked this one because I felt i needed a picture of me where people can actually see the face behind the mask.

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