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Cosplayer: jinglebooboo
Age: 20
Gender: female
Started cosplaying since: 2006
Fave fictional character: Asuka Langley Soryu
Hometown: Los Angeles California United States

A Little About Me

Hello! I am Jinglebooboo or Jen if you know me. I have been cosplaying for about 5 years and it has become a pretty big hobby for me. I have always been into video games and anime and I love that there is another way to express my love for these things through cosplay.

I was so excited when I was told I made it into the finals and really hope to make it farther, thanks to everyone who supports me and thanks for liking my cosplays :D

Cosplay 1

Character: Mitsuru Kirijo
Series: Persona 4 Arena

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Description: Making this costume was probably the most rushed costume I had ever made. Saying that, I was very happy with how it turned out. I cosplayed this with my boyfriend who was Akihiko and it was very fun. The hardest part of this costume was probably the jacket because it was so much fur. I had never used faux fur before and learned the hard way that when you cut it it gets EVERYWHERE. so little itchy hairs still turn up around my home. It was worth it though because the jacket is super soft and warm. I like Mitsuru and in Persona 4 Arena she is the only character I have a tiny bit of a chance to win with. very tiny. She also is very stylish, which is awesome. Who am I kidding they are all stylish.

Photo credits: Reu Ben Lau Photography

Cosplay 2

Character: Talho Yuuki Series: Eureka 7

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Description: This was one of my favorite shows for a very long time and the beginning I knew I wanted to cosplay from it. I watched the show in a time span of about 2 weeks and was in a huge " oh my gosh this is the best ever" phase for a while. I did Talho because she was one of my favorites (along with anemone) and I thought I fit her better than Anemone because I am quite tall. Overall I really enjoyed this costume despite having the tallest hugest shoes EVER! This was also my first time learning to mix dye colors which took me forever to get the right shades of blue that I wanted because I ended up making some really odd colors. Either way I was really happy with how this turned out.

Photo credits: Fiverings Photgraphy

Cosplay 3

Character: Clare
Series: Claymore

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Description: OH MY GOODNESS I LOVE CLAYMORE. It is honestly one of my favorite manga/shows to this date. I am obsessed with everything about them and they are so cool and even now I want to make more claymore cosplays and perfect my armor making skills. This cosplay was actually somewhat hard for me because I kept messing up the armor and eventually settled with armor I wasn't completely satisfied with. Looking back on it I would have changed the materials I used for the armor, but either way I still love Claymore and had so much fun in this costume. It made me feel powerful even though I am super weak in real life.

Photo credits: Fiverings Photography

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