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Cosplayer: Stephanie Moreau AKA Lasiral
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Started cosplaying since: 2004
Fave fictional character: Ed (full metal alchemist), Asuka (evangelion), Gil (Pandora hearts), Fluttershy (MLP:FiM) and sooooo many more!
Hometown: Ontario, Canada

A Little About Me

With every cosplay I do, I continue to tackle new challenges and learn to use all sorts of new materials. I look forward to every cosplay I do and I am continuously overwhelmed with the positive feedback with every cosplay I create! I like to aim for cosplays that aren't often seen or, even more preferably, never/rarely done!

I know I don't have many fans as I'm not really popular, so when I enetered this contest I didn't see myself getting very far. But when I saw the votes coming in and the near thousand likes on my picture, I was shocked! I am completly surprised and thrilled to be a finalist! Thank you so much for all your votes and I look forward to see what happens next in this contest!

Cosplay 1

Character: Shyvana (Ironscale skin)
Series: League of Legends

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Description: After doing several cloth only costumes and now 2 fursuit/mascot style costumes, it was time to tackle something new: Armor, props/weapons, and wig styling. I had one fail attempt at armor before, but this time I was determined to make it work. All the armor is made of either craft foam or foam floor mats.

For my weapons, I used spray foam on a cardboard/wire base and carved it all to shape. I then did a layer of paper mache to cover up the bumps and holes, then used the expensive method of covering the whole thing in paper clay. These weapons are my pride and joy in this costume!! The wig presented to be a real challenge for me. I looked up tutorials online and, oddly enough, decided to practise on my own real hair first! It gave me the comfort of chomping off hair and practise with the scissors.

I still have a lot of work to improve my wig styling, but I'm glad that I can now cut my own hair and save money!! The clothing underneath was all hand made by me using patterns. For never having worked with many of these materials before, I am very proud of how this all turned out!

Photo credits: Gary Thompson

Cosplay 2

Character: Female Worgen Druid
Series: World of Warcraft

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Description: This was my very first fursuit/mascot style cosplay. I had been interested in trying out such a cosplay but with only little experience in sewing I wasn't sure how I could possibly make such a creation. With a lot of studying online and searching for different methods on how to pull this off, I finally decided to give it a try. I'm so glad I did!

The head is made of upholstery foam that was carved into shape. It features a moving jaw (I was blown away that I was able to do that!!) with hand sculted an painted teeth/gums/tongue/nose/ears. Vision is out the eyes that were hand painted on see through fabric. The fur on the head and everywhere else on the costume was machine sewn to give everything clean seams. The claws on both the hands and feet were also sculted. The clothing design was designed by myself with the inspiration of low level cloth gear in world of warcraft, with earth tones and leaves to show that I was a druid class worgen.

My biggest accomplishment in this costume is not only was it something compleetly new using new materials, but the fact that the whole thing was hand made! Nothing was bought and modified, even right down to the balaclava used under the headpiece! This costume was the stepping stone into creating my Guilmon cosplay that I am most known for today.

Photo credits: The Enthusiasts (http://the-enthusiasts.com)

Cosplay 3

Character: Alice
Series: Pandora Hearts

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Description: After taking a 5 year break from cosplay due to school and moving around, Alice was my comeback cosplay. In the past with my first few cosplays, I was very unskilled with sewing and did a lot of "oh this is good enough" pieces. I was very unsatisfied with all of them so I was determined to improve my skills with this comeback. Still being quite new though, I did buy the red coat and modified it from there instead of working from stratch.

The skirt and white collar (which is an ugly blouse underneath) were also purchased. I wanted to get all the details as proper as i could for my proportions since i was disappointed with a lot of the other cosplays i had seen of this character. I was overwhelmed with the positive feedback when I wore this! It completly sold me into working hard to improve my skills as a cosplayer.

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