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Cosplayer: Billy Nguyen/ Shinrajunkie
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Started cosplaying: 2011
Favourite fictional character: Morrigan Aensland/ Darkstalkers
Hometown: USA, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

A Little About Me

My name is Billy, I am of Vietnamese/ Chinese descent and I have been cosplaying for a little over a year now. Cosplay is a really great hobby for me, without it i would have never met the friends and amazing people that ive interacted with at cons and certain events!

Originally an introvert, i can rightly say that cosplay has broken me out of my shell and pushed me to work harder and to be more sociable. And being a relatively new cosplayer and making it to the finals, It kinda makes me in awe to believe that i could ever accomplish such a feat. Of course i wouldn't be able to do it without all my friends and people that appreciate my work that have helped me get this far!

So I hope that everyone can continue to give me support, it doesn't matter if i win or place high, it only matters that i know that I have everyone pushing me further to become a better cosplayer and to better myself as an artist. Support can go along way, whether you vote or not! :D

Cosplay 1

Character: The Garrador
Series: Resident Evil IV

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Description: This costume was my first real tackle at armor, i modified a bike helmet to get the base of the helmet. Then I attached craft foam to it and created the gauntlets and blades out of a mixture of craft foam and styrene. Altogether is was a simple costume with the same techiniques that i repeated over and over to achieve the same effect for each piece.

Photo Credits: Crunchy Ramen Productions

Cosplay 2

Character: Steampunk Wakka- original design
Series: Final fantasy

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Description: For this costume i wanted to create almost an Anti-wakka, Wakka cast away his beliefs in Yevon and took up machina as his last resort. i wanted to create and original costume, that didnt transform Nomura's design, but was influenced by it. All the armor was created with craft foam styrene and puff paint once again. The ball is foam with craft foam on top, and the entire costume sans the shorts were patterned and sewned together by myself.

Photo Credits: 8-Bit Samurai

Cosplay 3

Character: Genderbent Yuffie Kisaragi- Original Character
Series: Final fantasy

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Description: Yuffie was my favorite character from FFVII so i decided to do my own personal twist on the character. I tried to create a male version of the character as opposed to actually crossplaying the character. The entire costume itself, was created using found objects, and recycled clothing that i frankensteined together and altered. The headband was created from fabric, foam, stryene, and hotglue. while the shuiken was created by wood, glue, hotglue, styrene and craft foam.

Photo Credits: Cold Candle

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