Hee-Hee: Sora from Kingdom Hearts Cosplay

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Cosplayer: Hee-Hee
Character: Name: Sora
Series Name: Kingdom Hearts
Comments: I know I uploaded a fairly somber photo, but I wanted to present a few angles on my wig and shoes! :3
When working on this cosplay my priorities were easily summed up in one word: Proportions! And I’m talking DISNEY proportions here! Sora’s wig was comprised of a Punky and a Punky XL wefted together (no foam core) and spiked with hairspray and the assistance of gravity! His honkin’ huge Disney shoes, which were my favorite aspect of the costume, were created with about a jillion materials including carved insulation foam and yoga mats! Sora was and still is one of my favorite characters from a fantastic franchise, and Sora 2.0 is currently in the works! FRIENDSHIP!
This cosplay was worn and featured in Twinzik’s 2010 skit, “Dearly Beloved”, which you can watch here!
Country: USA
Photographer: Ashley Johnson
Skit Footage: lilylighting


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