nekomatalee: Sabaku no Gaara from Naruto Shippuden Cosplay

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Cosplayer: nekomatalee (Lee)
Character Name: Sabaku no Gaara
Series Name: Naruto Shippuden

Comments: As an avid follower of the manga, I wanted to cosplay from the series since I first began watching and reading it over a year ago. After seeing Gaara’s development throughout the series, I grew very attached to his character. Currently, according to the Naruto databooks I am the exact height and weight of Gaara. After learning this, I was ecstatic to cosplay him!  I drafted the patterns for the coat and the vest and sewed them myself. This coat was made three times total, the last time being when I ripped it apart to give it a proper lining. The gourd prop is also completely handmade as well with a base of two bouncy balls. Shoes purchased locally. My hair is also my real hair, and not a wig. I hope you all enjoy my cosplay! Thanks for looking. :)

Country: United States, Texas
Photographer: Judy Escalante




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