Shinjuu Magnipisika: Red from Pokemon Cosplay

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Cosplayer: Shinjuu Magnipisika

Character Name: Red

Series Name: Pokemon


Red is not just my favorite character. He is one of my main inspirations in life. I don’t mean to sound corny or anything, but for the past four and a half years of being a fan of the manga series, I have always been intrigued by Red because of his light-hearted attitude and comical yet heroic actions. He’s my hero~ By cosplaying him, I want to actually explore a part of me which had the capability to BE like Red–tap that part of me who can actually be an inspiration to others.

That and the fact that he’s do Goddamn hot I can’t even… OwO

I hope you guys could also enjoy this attempt of mine, because I most certainly did ^_^

Country and State: Philippines

Photographer: Sai Photography


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