Yuko Yusika: Hathor from Shin Megami Tensei Imagine Cosplay

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Cosplayer : Yuko Yusika
Character Name : Hathor
Series Name : Shin Megami Tensei Imagine
Comments :

The Background of character : The cow-headed goddess of motherly love and good luck in Egyptian mythology. She is the mother and also the wife of Horus, the sky god. She is identified with the Greek goddess Aphrodite. Hathor has many other names as well, including “Lady of the Temple of Birth” and “Mother of Gods and Men.”

Hathor was the second-most widely worshiped goddess in Egypt, after Isis. Cleopatra was a fervent devotee, and today the Temple of Hathor still stands.
Country and State: Indonesia
Photographer : Nyken Rahajeng


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