Georfredt Galarraga: Ciel Phantomhive of kuroshitsuji Cosplay

Top 5 per Group goes to next round.
Voting for the qualifying round has ended.


Cosplayer: Georfredt phantomhive
Character Name: Ciel Phantomhive
Series Name: Kuroshitsuji
Comments:┬áHi I’m georfredt and I am a big fan of kuroshitsuji, this was my first cosplay and was something really difficult, but me had I as a challenge to learn how to overcome large obstacles such as beating the pigment of my skin, I enjoy characterizing CIEL because I feel much empathy with the character and the Victorian style that seems so elegant, in fact here among us! ssshhhhh…! It’s secret! This is my favorite cosplay so far; Please help me with your like to demonstrate that dark-skinned people can be very good cosplayer if we work hard
Country and State: DTTO.Capital-Venezuela
Photographer: Dannys Jerges Guanipa



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