Mino: Corrector Ai (Ai Shinozaki) from Corrector Yui Cosplay

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Cosplayer : Mino

Character Name : Ai Shinozaki (Corrector Ai).

Series Name : Corrector Yui.

Comments : Ai Shinozaki is one of my favorite heroines, with a quiet and still overwhelming personality, I loved her since her first appearance. Corrector Yui is an anime with a beautiful message about friendship and following your goals. Her quotes and transformation scenes were really amazing too, I love that “old school” style.

I specially love this costume, I enjoyed the process from the start to the end, specially designing the tutu for the puffy skirt. It still needs a lot of details to improve, but is between my favorites. I’m proud of the result. I had always wanted to cosplay a Magical Girl. I wear it for the first time a year ago in Caracas, and because of baggage problems, I couldn’t take the magic staff with me *sigh* Hope you like it and feel nostalgia as me!

Country and State: Venezuela – Zulia.

Photographer : Milenia ( aka http://elfm.deviantart.com/ )


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