Salvador Ignacio Aguilar Batres: Bellum (Original Character) Cosplay

Top 5 per Group goes to next round.
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Cosplayer : Salvador Ignacio Aguilar Batres.
Character Name : Bellum Furiam.
Series Name : Chronicle of war (own storie).
Comments : I set up Bell as a 2500 year old semi god, fought most of important battles on earth others out of it, realm jumper(no ability). the armor i gather tries to evoke a modern spartan(no Halo things) they are pieces of real motorcycle protection y gather up and modified in some parts to use them as shown in the photo. the shield is made of wood and a bicycle rim, the black, red, and A simbol are made of vinyl. The sword and the most important to my character is called “GOD PIERCER” it`s a modified falgata that i made my self too X).
Country and State: Guatemala, Guatemala.
Photographer :Mario Soto.


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