Usagi: Luna Human from Sailor Moon Cosplay

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Cosplayer: Usagi https://www.facebook.com/michell.iudica
Character name: Moon human
Series Name: Sailor moon
Comments: Luna is a character that appears in the manga and anime Sailor Moon. It is a dark purple cat who can speak and always accompanies the protagonist, Usagi Tsukino. It has a mark on his forehead crescent shaped, yellow. In the anime her eyes are red or brown, while in the manga are blue. Moon turns into human as its original form in the millennial kingdom where Silver Original comes mind, you can see its transformation into one of the films of the series and the manga of the same.
This character was not originally in my plans for future cosplays, but for a friend who was organizing a group of sailor moon’s decided to do as she liked and loved but never thought to do a cosplay of her. The cosplay I made ​​a week before the event I would attend together was so much fun run run, it cost me a bit was the wig because I had to make the bow-tie royos and the character has, but at the end I’m glad to see as I could manage to do the manga version and one day I hope to make the film.
Country and State: Venezuela / State barinas
Photographer: Jhorman Nieto
category: Latin America


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