CupcakeMassacreBear: Asuna from Sword Art Online Cosplay

Top 5 per Group goes to next round.
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Cosplayer Name: CupcakeMassacreBear

Character Name: Yuki Asuna

Series Name: Sword Art Online

Comments: I had so much fun cosplaying as Asuna from Sword art Online. I have been cosplaying for about 5 1/2 years now and out of all the cosplays that I have accomplished I really enjoy cosplaying as Asuna because I feel like I can connect with her due to her personality traits. I got to unveil her at Metrocon 2013 this year and the overall compliments I received while was showcasing her was amazing. I don’t think I will ever retire this cosplay because I love the series and the character too much to get rid of it so easily.

Country and State: Florida, USA

Photographer: TouyaDex


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