Rose: Princess Serenity from Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Cosplay

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Cosplayer : Rose
Character Name : Princess Serenity
Series Name :  Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon

Comments :
This is such a dream Cosplay of mine, that it was not even  on my list of ‘to do’ cosplays.
My best friend and cosplay partner wanted to do human Luna, and we decided that this would be the best time to do this.
1.5k beads, 50 hours of hand beading later, and some yelling at my sewing machine you get this.  <3
I went off of a manga image of her sitting in a shell looking chair, holding the moon staff, with this crown that I can only find in one other photo of the princess. The second photo she is holding it in her hand while sleeping in a crescent moon, with Prince Endymion leaning over to kiss her.
I decided to use a pale gold outlining the outfit, as many of the photos of the princess, she has almost a gold sheen on the detail of the dress.  Its shown as a highlight on white to me, and I was unable to find white beads with a gold sheen. ^.^;    So I went with a pale gold, only outlining, to try and give that feeling.    I used multiple sizes of Swarovski pearls, and filled the open areas of the ovals and scalloped parts with micro beads and 2mm Swarovski crystals, for a slight sheen to them.
The photos were taken at ACEN ’13.   You can find more photos of it at Cosplay.com: http://www.cosplay.com/costume/450607/ *including ref. images*
And can find my friend and I on Facebook at: Frozen Rose Cosplay.

Country and State:  United States of America, Wisconsin
Photographer : Fatch Racall

(I hold no rights to the title, image or logo of Sailor Moon.)


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