Torihime: Sudou Kayo/Megurine Luka from Vocaloid (Tailor Shop on Enbizaka Street) Cosplay

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Cosplayer: Torihime

Character name: Sudou Kayo/Megurine Luka

Series name: Vocaloid/Tailor Shop on Enbizaka Street/Seven Deadly Sins

Comments: This cosplay isn’t one I made myself. I wanted this cosplay to be as authentic as humanly possible, and so i went to the source. I didn’t trust myself enough to make a perfect and legitimate kimono, obi, and all the bells and whistles. My kimono and obi are 30 and 27 years old respectively. I’m also wearing traditional geta, tabi, koshimo, obimakura, obijime, datejime, obiage, obiita, and four different gold kanzashi. The scissors in the photo are not my usual old red ones, and these were lent to me by a friend cosplaying as Gast Venom (thank you, John! <3) We had a complete Seven Deadly Sins group at Otakon 2013 this year, and had an amazing time on Saturday! Hit me up if you saw us <3 Please, enjoy the cosplay!


Country and State: New Jersey, USA

Photographer: Soul-Drive Photography

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