Jimbo *Ruxy* Davies: Trance Kuja From Final Fantasy IX/Dissidia Cosplay

Top 5 per Group goes to next round.
Voting for the qualifying round has ended.


Cosplayer : Ruxtano/Slender-Chan

Character Name :  Kuja (Trance)

Series Name :  Final Fantasy IX/Dissidia

Comments :  This costume was debuted at May Mcm Expo 2012 and I truly think  it’s one of my most successful costumes despite the pain I went through being covered in liquid latex at 5 in the morning! I tried my best to make this costume as accurate as I could despite the lack of reference pictures combining certain aspects of both the Final Fantasy IX and the Dissidia versions. I can’t thank my friends Kymmeh (ChatterpieXIII) Katie (NyxXIII) and Emi (Emi-Zone) for all they did to support me because without them, this costume definitely wouldn’t have been so successful to me.

Country : United Kingdom



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