AliceCosplayW: Suu from Clover Cosplay

Top 5 per Group goes to next round.
Voting for the qualifying round has ended.


Cosplayer : Alice Cosplay W
Character Name : Suu
Series Name : Clover
Comments : This costume was made once I read the clover manga, and just like that we decided to make ir for the WCS preliminares
Love all the golden details and the best part were al the small fake screws that were made out of epoxy then cover with the gold fabric. (had to make a lot of those).

And I also love the wings, made out of pvc pipe, long wooden sticks,  pvc sheet cut out in to the form of the wings, also aded details in form of screws to resemble the cyberpunk look of the manga.
Had lots of fun with this ^^ cosplay.
Country and State: MEXICO

Photographer : Andy


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